S64, S88

The basic mechanical design of the S64 and S88 turbines is good but significant more sensitive than what we know from other models. The turbine is equipped with a first-generation electrical pitch system which triggers many failures and stops. The S88 further comprises the FlexiSlip system which requires attention. We find this turbine worldwide.


The turbines require intensive service of the control system, and also the availability can be significantly improved involving the entire control system from main control to pitch and slip control.  


After the control update, the turbine will again be running with a normal availability, and local and independent service can be implemented. The turbines safety chain will be improved and fulfil newer standards than before.  
By interfacing to the original power converter, the cost is optimised. 


Making a control update will ensure a maximum power output equal to the original power curve. On top the availability will be improved, and the service cost will be lowered which makes it a profitable business case. 


All technology is based on DEIF’s installations in new turbines in China. The technology and safety are proven in thousands of turbines. The data supervision is up to date, and remote service and supervision is possible. The turbine will be running as a brand new.


The turbine control system is a standard stock item. If the turbine is purely maintenance, a technical inspection is recommended either by DEIF or another skilled expert. Training can be arranged to enable local and independent support.