Switches, servers, and radio masts are connecting people and making the world smaller – as long as the power for these installations does not fail. Without power, connectivity is lost in an instant, and in a world that relies on fast response times, such blackouts are simply not an option.

Your transmission equipment keeps communication going from town to town, and from country to country. And no matter if your assets are located on a remote hilltop or standing on a downtown roof just round the corner from your office, you need to keep them running. You need a reliable critical power system to prevent breakdowns and keep the lines of communication open.

Keep mission-critical equipment running

DEIF can help you design a turnkey control solution that keeps the lines of communication open.

Check out the application example below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

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Robust control devices

With DEIF devices in your control system, your critical power solution will run round the clock – anywhere. We test our generator controllers so you can be sure they perform reliably, even in very hot, cold, humid, or dusty environments. They switch effortlessly to island operation, and you can monitor them from the convenience of your office or on the move from your smartphone. And if sustainability is a key consideration, you can easily integrate batteries and solar panels.

Access your assets from anywhere …

The Insight remote monitoring service gives you a complete overview of your operation, no matter where your assets are located. This helps you react immediately and quickly bring things back on track in case of technical issues. You can install Insight on various devices and access your assets anywhere, anytime, and you can import your Insight data to your business management system and manage your business even better.

… and keep them ready anytime

Everything wears out over time – even electronic assets. Every single component of your critical power system must be ready for action at any time to ensure that the power keeps flowing in emergency situations. We can help you draw up and execute a service and maintenance schedule that lets you avoid unplanned downtime and keep your systems in prime condition.

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