Data centers

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and connected. Data centers are the backbone of the global financial transactions, trade and information exchange that happen online, and highly reliable infrastructure is required. A power management system is a critical part of operating a data center, and emergency power systems with gas or diesel generators provide the crucial backup power for the data centers.

The growth of data centers is also explosive, with an expected increase in data traffic to 3,3 zettabytes in 2021, nearly 127 times more than in 2005.
With decades of experience in generator control and power management systems, DEIF has developed tier compliant power management solutions for numerous data centers. Our solutions are deployed in both new and upgraded infrastructures performing to extreme satisfaction in leading data centers that meet up to Tier 4 requirements.

The heart of the solution is our advanced generator controller, AGC 4 equipped with a user-friendly touch display unit. The system provides a high level of redundancy, back up within 6 seconds and seamless integration with data center management systems. The proven hardware and matured software of DEIF systems make it a reliable and natural choice for genset packagers and system integrators working on data center projects.

We have accredited Tier Designers (ATD), and Tier Specialists (ATS) approved by Uptime Institute that can provide valuable inputs to designers and system builders to make the system tier compliant. With a strong global presence with subsidiaries in 16 locations and 40 qualified channel partners, DEIF can be your global partner for delivering and supporting the control solutions for data centers.

Our extensive knowledge combined with established systems and process for retrofit and upgrade of running data centers without comprising power availability and safety makes DEIF a reliable partner for retrofit and upgrades.

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