Part of the solution to energy scarcity and soaring prices

All over the world, on land and at sea, fuel and energy prices are skyrocketing, and fossil fuels such as gas are increasingly prone to supply disruptions. As a consequence, operating costs and operational stability are now a major challenge for businesses and organisations – but solutions are available.

Fossil power sources can be combined with batteries and renewables without sacrificing reliability, which means you can reduce your vulnerability to fossil fuel supply issues. And you can optimise power equipment such as generators to get the most out of your fuel, which means you can reduce costs.

Intelligent control is crucial to this optimisation and transformation, and DEIF is part of the solution for dealing with energy scarcity and soaring prices. And we are constantly evolving to harness emerging technologies and support the global shift towards affordable, renewable, and reliable power.

Our dream about the future

DEIF owner Toke Foss describes our green ambitions and what we can and will do to contribute to sustainable development and a better future. The world is facing complex challenges, but it is also uniting to overcome them, and DEIF can make a difference.

What’s the best way to deal with rising energy prices?

Energy prices are soaring, affecting businesses all over the world, however, DEIF can suggest two solutions that can significantly lower fuel consumption while getting the same performance, and ultimately reduce costs.

We have helped businesses and organizations all over the world reduce energy consumption and start the transformation towards affordable, renewable, and reliable power. Read our case studies to get their stories.

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