Docking package

It is crucial to DEIF that ship owners and operators remain confident and satisfied with DEIF systems. Although electronic components contain no mechanically rotating or moving parts, they do wear out over time, weaken and finally fail. 

Based on more than eight decades of experience in developing, manufacturing, testing and commissioning reliable and flexible engine and genset control solutions for both new and aging systems, DEIF knows how to avoid unplanned downtime. And also what it takes to keep the systems in prime condition, securing an operational and competitive fleet at all times, including when the warranty has expired.

Flexible concepts Supported Anywhere 

To that end, DEIF has developed a flexible docking package which is fully scalable. Our service agreements are backed up by our training, service and application centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, our distributors, system integrators and service partners. And we offer fast and highly professional services & support in your time zone 24/7/365. All service engineers hold certificates such as BOSC (Basic Offshore Safety Course) and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training). 

Our docking package may for instance include:

  • Situation assessment report
  • Protective relay testing
  • Training of crew (on-site)
  • Preventive maintenance of DEIF equipment 
  • Exchange of components
  • Optimisation of parameter settings
  • Test of DEIF equipment (on-site)
  • Assistance for re-certification (on-site)
  • Dedicated project management of DEIF solution
  • Participation in technical meetings as technical advisor

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