Converting from the PPU-2 to the PPU 300

DEIF has a reputation for manufacturing very robust hardware, but as with everything else it will eventually be worn down and therefore needs to be replaced. The PPU-2 is obsolete, and spares have reached end of life. In case you need to retrofit your current PPU-2 installation, DEIF recommends replacing it with the PPU 300. In addition to the familiar hardware robustness, you will get a future-proof platform that ensures easy service and maintenance when you retrofit to the ML-300 platform.  

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To make it easy for you to convert to the PPU 300, DEIF has created a “How to” guide.
It gives you all the information you need to be able to replace your PPU-2 by yourself. The “How to” guide includes the following:

1. Selection of options
2. Wiring diagrams
3. Parameter configuration (differences)
4. Modbus protocols for import
5. AGI templates containing DEIF DNA for easy setup of your own HMI

Products required

PPU 300 controller(s)
DU 300
Modbus converter (serial to TCP/IP)