Up to 16 grids & 992 generators

AGC Plant Management is a plant control system that not only handles genset controls, but features additional functions designated towards utility requirements, plant design, commissioning tools, and maintenance. The system is also fuel-efficient and ensures that required plant set point are met at all times. The AGC Plant Management can use the plant’s generators directly to black-start large stepup transformers. With a proven ratio of up to 1:39 between the generator and the transformer, the system offers a cost-optimised solution for black start of plants in both island and fixed power mode, which reduces the need for high voltage breakers.

The AGC Plant Management carries out automatic frequency/voltage support of the grid. If the grid is overloaded with kW/kvar, causing the grid frequency/ voltage to drop, the system will detect it and increase the power/reactive power production, maintaining a stabilised grid frequency/voltage. The AGC Plant Management is also able to keep a fixed power production at the connection point, automatically compensating for internal loads in the plant.

Up To 16 Grids And 992 Generators (1)

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