Steam turbine speed governing (1)

The Steam Turbine Governor application gives you the features you need to monitor and control your steam turbine in any power generation or industrial processing application. The fully-featured governor provides robust, reliable, and accurate speed control with condensing turbines, extraction turbines, and back pressure turbines. It also controls the turbine breaker and monitors the mains breaker (if any).

The application runs on the DEIF AWC 500 advanced controller. By adding the optional GPM 5.1 card, you can equip this controller for 3-phase voltage measurement (for turbine and mains voltage) and 3-phase current measurement for load monitoring. This eliminates the need for transducers, thereby increasing the accuracy of the system.

The governor application has a built-in HMI that you can access from any PC using the DEIF HMI Client software (available for free from The software lets you configure, monitor, and control the application. You can also monitor data using our AGI 400 series interface or access the application using third-party SCADA systems, giving you convenient supervision and control from the plant room.

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AWC 500

AWC 500 Front

Robust controller (PLC-based PAC) with extended temperature range

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