iE 250 - Intelligent Energy Controller

DEIF iE 250
The intelligent energy controller

Meet the future of easy, flexible, and connected control.
Meet the secure and powerful device that helps you push the limits and grow your business.


Tap touch, control. Experience the simplicity of the iE 250's interface. As natural to navigate as your smartphone, it streamlines your workflow, saving you time and effort with every touch.


Whatever your asset, whatever your application, the iE 250 adapts effortlessly. With expandable hardware, multiple software packages and unlimited PLC functionalities, the iE 250 grows with your ambitions.


The iE 250 doesn't just connect you to your assets, it is the central interface. Integrating every device within your system while offering secure connections across any distance. Stay connected, stay protected.


The iE 250 sets a new standard for control systems, combining high-capacity processing with a platform that adapts to tomorrow’s challenges. The expansive software and versatile PLC capabilities enable you to create solutions that were once beyond reach.

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