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When your OSV needs to maintain DP in heavy seas, you need equipment you can trust.

At sea, safety is your number one priority, and you need to be able to count on all shipboard systems. DEIF supplies intelligent power management solutions with built-in redundancy that ensure you always have enough power for critical manoeuvres and necessary equipment. Every single day, our class-approved solutions are in use on OSVs operating on the Norwegian continental shelf.

We have successfully completed hundreds of safety-critical projects, and we draw on that experience to help you design, install, test, and commission a solution that fulfils your requirements. Even in tough conditions where there is no room for error.

When you need to increase operational efficiency, you need a tailor-made solution.

When you need to generate revenue for your investors and win new business, you need to lower your operating costs as much as possible to get an advantage in the competition. DEIF supplies intelligent power management solutions that can be customised, scaled, and reconfigured to suit your requirements to the letter. With a DEIF solution, you get exactly the features you need on your OSV fleet – now and in future. And nothing you don’t need.

The secret is our modular, class-approved controllers that give you freedom of choice when designing your solution. And we provide competent support throughout the project from idea to commissioning so you get efficient and profitable operations that make a difference to your bottom line.

When your vessels need to emit less CO2, you need innovation.

Every day sees increased demands for CO2 emission reductions from both legislators and clients. DEIF supplies innovative solutions that help you comply with these demands: hybrid propulsion solutions with battery technology that significantly reduce emissions – and intelligent power management solutions that increase the efficiency of your diesel engines so they run better, consume less fuel, and generate fewer emissions.

We have the experience and the competences to help you design, install, test, and commission a class-approved solution that fulfils your requirements, complies with current legislation, and makes a difference for our climate and the environment – on existing and new vessels, and without landing you in debt for generations.

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