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Power management solution

Power management solution

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Power Management

PPM 300

Intelligent controller platform for power management and generator control.

Incorporating an extensive range of control, protection and supervision functions, PPM 300 applications range from generator control and protection to engineered power management solutions developed for diesel generators (including emergency diesel generators), shaft generators, shore connections, and bus tie breakers.



Medium Voltage Relay, protection and control solution for any utility, power plant, wind-power, offshore, marine, industrial, commercial or institutional electrical protection.


Simple Protection relays are applied in cases where protection against over-current, short circuit, differential over-current or earth current protection is required. 

Supplementary products

AGI 400

An HMI solution, DEIF’s AGI 400 series connects to all DEIF products, as well as third party electronics, via standard defined communication protocols.

Power Supply

Compact and high-end switch mode power supplies.

Insolation Monitoring


Monitors the insulation resistance between the connected network and an earth/safety cable.



Combined synchroscope and check synchronising for synchronising busbar and generator


Visual indication of voltage and frequency for manual synchronisation

AC Measurement


Programmable measurement transducer, up to 4 outputs with can individually be set on the basis of more than 50 parameters.


Visual indication with user defined scale and 90 ° or 240 ° pointer deflection.


Multi-instrument for monitoring and analysis of energy and power, can be installed in front of switchboard or din rail.


More than 40 different physical sizes of the measuring transformers, enables suitable solution for cables and several busbar combinations.

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