Intelligent power management system from DEIF drives growth for São Salvador Alimentos

When one of Brazil’s largest poultry producers expanded one of its factories, the local grid company could not keep up. A hybrid energy plant with DEIF controllers proved able to provide the necessary power, combining solar power with grid and gensets and covering 25% of the load demand using solar power. The expanded factory now contributes to positive and sustainable local development.

Emerging from the heart of the state of Goiás in central Brazil, São Salvador Alimentos SA is one of Brazil’s largest poultry producing companies. It handles all links in the value chain, from production of eggs to distribution of finished products to Brazil and global export markets.

Increased capacity

To increase production, the company’s Nova Veneza factory was recently expanded and modernised, adding cold rooms, an expanded palletising and shipping area, and a freezing tunnel. This planned investment has drastically increased factory capacity – and created local jobs.

“It is very important for us to increase our production capacity which will generate new jobs and greater socioeconomic development for Goiás, in addition to contributing to sustainable industrial development,” said Hugo Souza, CEO of São Salvador Alimentos SA, in an interview with the GOOD FOOD Sustainable Protein site.

Powered by hybrid plant

However, the fast expansion meant that the local grid company did not have the capacity to cover the increased power demand. To solve the problem, São Salvador Alimentos SA decided to invest in one of Brazil’s largest and most advanced industrial hybrid energy plants.

The new plant has 5.7 MWp of PV panels with Sungrow inverters. They produce 650,000 kWh a month on average and feed the load at the factory directly. Surplus PV power can be exported to the grid; conversely, if there is not enough PV power, the system can draw on a 4 MW mains grid connection and 24 diesel generators with a combined power rating of 12 MW.

asc-4 solar

One of the DEIF ASC-4 Solar controllers that handle the PV inverters

backup diesel generators

Backup diesel generators controlled by DEIF AGC-150 Generator controllers

DEIF: the robust control choice

To control the plant effortlessly and reliably, São Salvador electrical engineer Henrique Fernandes Borges and his colleagues decided on a power management solution with DEIF devices.

“After much market research, we understood that DEIF had a robust product that would best solve our problems,” he says. “The company’s history also contributed to the choice: DEIF is a consolidated brand in the global market, respected for its innovations. Another important factor is the service in Brazil.”

Complete DEIF control solution

The PV inverters are controlled by ASC-4 Solar units, the mains incomers by AGC 150 Mains units, and the generators by AGC 150 Generator units with new DVC 550 digital voltage controllers. The generators are separated from the rest of the plant by a bus tie breaker controlled by an AGC 150 BTB unit. In addition, DEIF supplied an AGI 421 touch screen interface, CIO I/O modules, battery chargers, panels and fibre converters, and engineering, commissioning, and start-up services. São Salvador Alimentos SA can supervise the plant remotely using Insight remote monitoring.

“The operating logic prioritises PV generation,” explains Henrique Fernandes Borges. “The grid supports the load together with the PV panels, ensuring balance between the PV generation curve and the load curve. As a last resort, the generators are activated, but this only occurs when the sum of the two other sources does not supply the total power demanded. Our hybrid system can respond to grid energy shortages and has the capacity to supply 100% of the load. If that happens, the generators are the backup source but still operate in parallel with the PV panels, optimising the fuel consumption of the generators”.

agi interface

The AGI interface provides a great overview of the entire plant

pv panels

The PV panels at Nova Veneza cover more than 25% of the factory load demand

Sufficient and reliable quality power

Since the hybrid plant was completed in December 2023, its PV panels have covered more than 25% of the Nova Veneza factory’s power requirements with more than 92% simultaneity (representing PV power consumed instantaneously).

“The system meets our expectations,” says Henrique Fernandes Borges. “It handles contingency situations in the grid and situations involving electrical surges, which are common during storms. We do not have to interrupt production due to lack of energy or low energy quality from the grid, which would cause major operational disruptions, production stoppage, loss of products on the line, employee idleness, and great financial losses. We have achieved a significant reduction in the use of our generators, reducing carbon emissions and guaranteeing energy at a much more competitive price.”

Intuitive controllers and great service

The DEIF-based control solution is an integral part of this success. Henrique Fernandes Borges explains that simplicity and robustness are the two things he likes most about the DEIF controllers.

“It is a very intuitive system to operate, and it is very flexible to create programming logic,” he says, adding that the service and support of DEIF were also very important.

“The joint commissioning helped us understand the operating logic and gave us greater security in operating the hybrid system,” he says. “We had a good partnership that began with the conception of the project. There were no delays, and DEIF were always willing to assist us in the best possible way. We highly value the contact and after-sales service between ourselves and DEIF’s engineering department.”

Henrique Fernandes Borges

– DEIF had a robust product that would best solve our problems

Henrique Fernandes Borges, Electrical Engineer, São Salvador Alimentos SA

The necessary power for expansion and growth

Heat pumps, cars, and other devices increasingly run on electricity, and industrial consumers will sometimes need to find other solutions when grid companies cannot keep up. Hybrid energy plants like the one in Nova Veneza are an obvious solution; in addition to providing the necessary power for expansion and growth, they can open new revenue streams because the owner can sell surplus power to the grid company.

As São Salvador Alimentos SA continues expanding its production capacity, the company has gained valuable experience from the project at Nova Veneza.

“We have plans to expand to other units,” concludes Henrique Fernandes Borges. “And yes – we are considering doing it with DEIF.”

São Salvador Alimentos SA

Founded: 1991

Headquarters: Itaberaí, Goiás, Brazil

Activities: poultry production for Brazil and export markets

Employees: approx. 7,800 (direct and outsourced)


DEIF devices used

ASC-4 Solar controllers

AGC 150 Mains controllers

AGC 150 Generator controllers

AGC 150 BTB controller

DVC 550 digital voltage controllers

AGI 421 advanced graphical interface

DBC-1 2405 battery chargers

CIO 208 and 116 I/O units

Software, panels, and fiber converters

Engineering, commissioning, start-up, and dashboard development

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