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Multi-line 2 Standard Application Software series 3.x.

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Version 3.22.3 based on version 3.22.2


  • Translation now works even though no DU-2 is mounted AND only new language is written.
  • Configurable Modbus area works correctly even though no DU-2 is mounted.



Version 3.22.3 based on version 3.22.2


  • Translation now works even though no DU-2 is mounted AND only new language is written.
  • Configurable Modbus area works correctly even though no DU-2 is mounted.



Version 3.22.2 based on version 3.22.1


  •    Starter now deactivates when the "Remove starter" threshold is reached during start sequence.




  • Fixes Modbus TCP connection (option N), when an engine protocol is selected on CAN Engine Interface Communication (option H7).




  • G59 update for UK market




New features:

  • Firmware upgrade over TCP/IP has been enabled.
  • Start and stop threshold can now be configured as high or low alarm. The feature is now enabled or disabled from the USW. Be sure to configure the before mentioned, if you have been using this feature prior to this software update.
  • “Running Detection Reached” timer (parameter 6341) added.
  • “External Engine Stop” detection (parameter 6342) added.
  • “Frequency Detection Level” (parameter 6165) added.
  • Selection of used frequency for alarm trip added.


  • Scaling range has been changed from 1 kV-75 kV to 0.4 kV-75 kV.
  • Analogue input sampling has been updated in order to improve the precision.
  • An alarm now appears if the M-Logic data is corrupted.


  • M-Logic commands for selecting AC configurations added.
  • Different alarm fail classes can now be selected through #4066.
  • Initiated cool-down cannot be aborted when a wire-break fail class alarm is present.
  • "Remote start and close GB" and "Remote open GB and stop" functionalities have been improved.
  • Update of self-check functionality.
  • Missing EIC values in analogue delta alarms have been added.
  • GB close sequence is not interrupted by Hz/V not OK situation and the timeout fail class would rule over.
  • Now stopping GOV/AVR relays from regulating after the GB is closed.
  • Stop-coil wire break alarm can be enabled.
  • Parameter 1083 was not shown correctly in the display. Corrected.
  • Running hours offset corrected in display view
  • Binary input type has been improved.
  • Stuck in ramp-up function at emulation fixed.
  • Two new M-Logic flags for the Beckhoff alarms "CAN1 comm error" and "CAN2 comm error" has been added.
  • Improvements for M-Logic cooldown/stop threshold.
  • EIC measure alarms inhibit during EIC communication fail.
  • Change of multi-input decimals or unit could cause a wrong display value.
  • Option T2 capabilities has been expanded.
  • Reinitialisation of CAN on single CAN card could cause the communication to stop.
  • TCP/IP refresh rate is increased.
  • Idle run could cause external start not to work.
  • CAN line could not restore after a short circuit.
  • In case of MB ON feedback fail, governor regulator will fall back to "NO REGULATION"
  • Correction to loadshare input update rate.
  • Text in menu 2614 changed from “Load steps” to “Island ramp”.
  • M-Logic limit flags has now been added for the GB, MB, TB and BTB sync. failure alarms.



New features:

  • Ramp speed 2 parameters added
  • Auto ramp speed selection added
  • Droop active M-Logic events added
  • Ramp speed activation of M-Logic commands added
  • New AC configuration mode supported (UL1L2 and IL1)
  • Support of Cummins PCC and Woodward SPM-D11 added to Analogue loadshare
  • It is now possible to use only one breaker feedback.
  • Scaling of Analogue P/f input and Q/U/PF input added
  • Busbar red LED is cleared in case of choosing CAT option
  • New display views added for current and actual power reference and for power factor


  • All P/Q/Cosphi droop types will now use the present value at droop start as reference point of the droop
  • Power droop slopes are now scaled based on the droop start reference point as a percentage of the nominal power
  • Q-droop limits are now ranging from -20000 to 20000


  • Automatic update of jump menu related parameters when reading through TCP/IP
  • Multi-input in binary mode is now represented on I/O page in USW when reading through TCP/IP
  • It now starts up in Local mode after flashing a new application software
  • Stop-coil is now activated when start sequence is aborted
  • Corrected: Wrong scaling in frequency-dependent power droop and power offsets
  • Derate Pnom command added to the M-Logic
  • Update of self-check functionality
  • Update of energy reading and correction of display reading in regard to different scaling options
  • Idle function operates correctly after cool-down timeout




  • Update of self-check functionality




  • Inverse over-current protection modified to better comply with IEC 60255 Part 151
  • Parameters 1201 + 1202 are now fixed to Phase-Neutral, when not using three-phase systems
  • Mix-up in whether phase/neutral or phase/phase measuring used for detection of  Mains Failure and Mains Sync Inhibit corrected
  • MTU MDEC 302/303 protocols battery voltage measurement corrected
  • Option N alarm transfer through e-mail did not always work
  • Problem with missing element in parameter 9000 corrected.
  • Navigation in parameter 9140 was incorrect
  • Incorrect alarm status on Modbus if two analogue input PCBs (Option M15) were present
  • After MTU has released a new software for the SMART CONNECT module, the alarm  "AL Speed Demand Failure" was always present due to a change in timeout changed 
    from ~40m[s] ==> ~10m[s]
  • The reactive power was wrong when the phase rotation is L1L3L2 - corrected
  • Controller could reboot after CAN protocol change, if there was active CAN  communication on the CAN line during the protocol change
  • External analogue input (option H8) parameters were reset at power-up of unit
  • Webarm Modbus reading of enable bit incorrect
  • H7 SCANIA EMS2 correction of start/stop
  • Added support of ADEC CANopen, shutdown override.
  • Faulty DM1 alarms in display corrected
  • "Wrong password" indication corrected on secondary displays
  • Corrected regulator settings for RPM control on asynchronous generators
  • External I/O: Analogue input scaling and unit are configured correctly at start-up and when changing the engineering unit.
  • BTB position failure parameter numbers corrected
  • Virtuel events 1-16 + 17-32 are now default in configurable Modbus area
  • Corrected inhibit of Modbus communication through M-Logic
  • M4 multi-input is now default set to 0 to 40 V input
  • Corrected enabling of P-loadshare (external) for option G9 in M-Logic
  • Corrected power ramp-up set point calculation (option G9)
  • SWBD mode input now works with only option M4
  • Corrected reading of data from webarm (option N)
  • Corrected reading of control registers on Modbus TCP/IP (option N)
  • BTB position failure now requires at least one configured breaker feedback
  • Start enable will no longer affect activation of regulator and synchronising when the engine is running
  • "Remote start + GB ON" command can now be cancelled by "GB OFF + remote stop" command  in remote mode
  • "AL speed demand failure" corrected (option H5 and H7)



New features:

  • Added DAVR (option T2)
  • Added Erzmann relays (GPC only)
  • Added NOV memory backup/restore function (parameter 9230)
  • Added new M-Logic functions
  • Added BTB position viewlines (Option G9)
  • Added alarm for asynchronous generators (parameter 2360)
  • Added more virtual events in M-Logic
  • Added emulation of CANbus failure (Option G9)
  • Added new status text ("Volt/freq OK in XXs")


  • Mains Sync Inhibit (parameter 2280 + 2290) removed from PPU


  • Inverse overcurrent "Customer" corrected
  • M-Logic line evaluation corrected
  • Adjustment of clock from display corrected
  • Service timer days adjustment corrected
  • VDO renamed to RMI
  • Some digital inputs on H2 moved
  • M-Logic alarm list updated with "Ext. comm error"
  • Single-phase PF measurement corrected
  • Reading of SL1-SL3 on H2 corrected
  • Accurracy of mains sync inhibit protections improved
  • Stop of asynchronous genset improved
  • EIC comm error for Caterpillar protocol corrected
  • Vector mismatch alarm corrected for single and split-phase measurements




  • Asynchronous generator GB breaker corrected



New features:

  • Support of inverse characteristic for reverse power alarms


  • Asynchronous generator synchronisation RPM regulator corrected. 



  • Maximum setting for parameter 2111 (Sync. blackout, dfMax) is changed to 10.0 Hz.
  • GPU-3: When option G2 is removed the AVR and governor transducers are released.
  • Option H2: The commands Manual GOV up, Manual GOV down, Manual AVR up, Manual AVR down are reset after power up. 



  • Alarm 2960 "P Load share fail" has been improved



  • Generic J1939 engine protocol corrected to support priority 3 for Exhaust Temperature telegram
  • Parameters 7670 + 7680 now supports high / low settings
  • Initialisation of Remote acknowledge input improved



  • Scaling of current inputs on external IO modules improved.
  • M-Logic deactivation of remote/local button no longer blocks a remote/local command from e.g. an AOP.
  • Relay outputs for GOV/AVR regulation corrected.
  • Emulation of busbar frequency and manual GOV/AVR improved.



New features:

  • Additional engine values supported in J1939 protocol.
  • Delta analogue functions (menu 4600-4730).
  • Common alarm output as relay function.
  • Analogue output for Fuel limiter output (menu 5740-5770). 
  • Option H2: Digital inputs and outputs are copied to measurement table (addresses 1056-1060).
  • Option G9: Auto acknowledge of CAN ID missing alarm is made configurable.
  • Option G9: CANshare section is shown as configurable view.
  • Option G9: CANshare reset function is renamed to CANshare setup (menu 7853).
  • M-Logic: M-Logic flags can be exchanged by CANbus.


  • Option N: Webarm performance is improved when voltage-dependent overcurrent is enabled (menu 1100).
  • EIC stop command is not sent when a shutdown alarm occurs and shutdown override is active.
  • Manual governor up/down relays are reset correctly when the mode is changed from manual to another mode.




  • Power dependent PF droop curve improved. Slope set points (menu 7175 and 7176) changed from 2 decimals to 3 decimals.
  • Option G9 CAN communication did not always reappear after short circuit of CAN line. 
  • CAN ID missing alarm for id 17-32 did not appear when the ID was missing in a G9 application. 
  • H6 option data updated for N option.



New features

  • Average U bushar high alarms added (menu 7480 + 7490).
  • M-logic flag for acknowledge all AC mains protection alarms added.
  • Mains sync. inhibit functionality added.
  • M-logic flag for enabling low speed rpm added.


  • U < Q dep alarms demands extended with two parameters (minimum current and phase angle) before the alarm can be activated on behalf of the voltage goes below the set point.
  • Power dependent Q import/export alarm modified to have separate parameter for VA reference.
  • Max setting for rpm overspeed alarms (menu 4510 + 4520) increased to 250%.


  • High frequency (above 150Hz) immunity on AC voltage input implemented.
  • Reading and writing using PROFIBUS is now limited to the correct range.
  • External comm error alarm corrected for Profibus.
  • Volvo engine no longer starts up after end of battery test.
  • EIC: MTU Smart Connect 'EIC faults' handled correct.
  • Init of GOV when E1, E2 or EF2 is present is now depending of G2 option.
  • Very rare display lock up prevented - especially after power up.
  • EIC: Measure alarm set point texts (menu 7610...7660) shown correct, when no option M4 is active.
  • Display measurement texts are now always updated to the correct language.



New features:

  • 1- Support for option G9
  • 2- Support for BTB position status and position failure (G9)
  • 3- P and Q load sharing alarms added (G9)
  • 4- Priority function for GB deadbus closing added (G9)
  • 5- Emulation of AC measurement and engine added (G9)
  • 6- M-logic events for G9 section selection added (G9)
  • 7- Manual analogue GOV and AVR slope settings added (2552 and 2672)
  • 8- OA and OB added for parameter 1980
  • 9- Deadband setting added for power ramping (2616)


  • 1- USW texts for 2000 and 2034 corrected
  • 2- Run coil is now activated when generator is externally started
  • 3- Added frequency set point (2623) for breaker trip during deload in load sharing
  • 4- Inverse overcurrent now included by default


  • 1- Manual GOV / AVR corrected when using mixed relay and analogue outputs
  • 2- EIC: Caterpillar (Perkins) support of two DM1 logs is now placing diagnostic codes in the correct log when using option H7.
  • 3- Writing of languages through TCP/IP corrected
  • 4- Running feedback failure alarm (4540) available with EIC (option H5 or H6), but no option M4 pcb mounted. Menu 6170 also availble for configuring primary feedback.
  • 5- Corrections made to start of asynchrounous gensets 
  • 6- Remote alarm acknowledge input function corrected (delay removed)
  • 7- EF5/EF6 minimum output settings loaded correctly at power up
  • 8- Internal option-N communcation improved to avoid loss of communication
  • 9- Digital input Reset GOV / AVr corrected to reset both AVR and GOV
  • 10- U and Q low alarms (channel 1960 + 1970) corrected




  • "Wrong password" text enabled
  • Corrected problem with closing GB on black bus when CANshare supervision (G9) is set to OFF
  • EIC: Receiving single DM1 diagnostic not restricted in content any longer for all J1939 protocols.
  • Sync check function corrected for single and splitphase systems



  • Relay regulation now working correct with small differences (0,1Hz and 0,2Hz) between dfMax (ch 2021) and dfMin (ch 2022) for dynamic sync.



  • Static sync now working correct with high U nominal (ch 6004/6014/6024/6034) combined with high dUMax (ch 2032).



New features:

  • 1- kWh import counter added to views
  • 2- AVR and GOV regulator mode view added
  • 3- GOV and AVR can be adjusted with modbus commands in manual
  • 4- New menu (6140) added to select fixed operator mode (OFF, REMOTE or LOCAL)
  • 5- New input function, "Remote start and close GB (pulse)" added
  • 6- New input function, "Remote open GB and stop (pulse)" added
  • 7- New M-Logic outputs, "Activate AOP2 buzzer" for each AOP2 added
  • 8- Busbar nominal setting 2 (6060) added
  • 9- Check sync and infinite sync functionality added for static sync
  • 10- Support for changing numbers of decimals for analogue inputs added (scaling)
  • 11- Alarm simulation from display (9050) added
  • 12- GOV and AVR Minimum ON time test function (2605 and 2725) added
  • 13- EF6 option support added (only GPC)
  • 14- Additional current unbalance protection level (1710) added
  • 15- Selection between two current unbalance calculation methods (1203).
  • 16- Support for counters and identifiers in USW
  • 17- AOP leds can be used for input events in AOP logic
  • 18- GB Black Closing (2113) added


  • 1- "READY" is shown in display, when genset is ready to start
  • 2- Default views (V1/V2) updated
  • 3- Intelligent GOV initialization based on detected options
  • 4- Virtual events are mirrored to address 63 and 64 in modbus
  • 5- Default regulation settings updated
  • 6- BB V/Hz LED performance updated
  • 7- "WRONG PASSWORD" is shown in display, when password is not correct
  • 8- Enabling of parameter 2730 and 2750 no longer possible for the user
  • 9- Virtual Events states improved when given by Control Register (H2)
  • 10- Manual regulation (GOV / AVR up / down) is now held until digital input is removed
  • 11- GB off sequence is now interrupted by deload error
  • 12- Parameter 6220 not shown when option G2 is not enabled
  • 13- Parameter 1340 moved to parameter 1202
  • 14- Separate sync input added for GPU
  • 15- 0.5Hz deload limit in loadshare regulation increased to 1.0Hz
  • 16- When in SWBD mode, REMOTE and LOCAL LEDs are OFF
  • 17- Handling of Virtuel Event commands change to be constant signals
  • 18- Manual GOV and AVR commands is only accepted in Manual


  • 1- Scaling of transducer outputs corrected
  • 2- Corrected GB ON / OFF commands from modbus
  • 3- TSC1 engine comm telegram update speed increased to 20ms
  • 4- Updated CAN driver to avoid missing CAN telegrams
  • 5- Input texts updating corrected when D1 is disabled
  • 6- Cancel of LS ramp when frequency is rising 0.50Hz above nominal
  • 7- Improved single and splitphase measurements
  • 8- Corrected scaling of some enginecomm data
  • 9- Alarms from M4 is now correctly handled even when engine logic (9080) is OFF



New features:

  • EIC: MTU J1939 Smart Connect supported (see documentation).
  • EIC: After treatment / Diesel Particular Filtering implemented.
  • EIC: Digital AVR for Caterpillar CDVR implemented (option D1 required in combination with option H5 or option H7).
  • EIC: MTU ADEC available via option H7.
  • EIC: Cummins PCC1301 supported for speed control.
  • EIC: Caterpillar (Perkins): Two DM1 logs available for support of ADEM (primary) and EMCP (secondary) at the same time. (H5 full support of both DM1's. H7 do notsupport BAM for the secondary log.)
  • EIC: Caterpillar (Perkins): Start/stop signal to ECU can be enabled/disabled via M-logic.
  • EIC: Speed control signal to ECU can be inhibited (enabled/disabled) via M-logic.
  • EIC: Volvo Penta ECM2.2 Fuel Disable supported for battery test.
  • EIC: Inhibit of EIC alarms can be setup via M-logic.
  • EIC: Standard STD-ML2 Idlerun functionality now turns the engine to 700rpm on differents engines (see documentation).
  • EIC: Protection lamp status and Malfunction lamp status implemented on J1939.
  • EIC: Both priority 3 and 6 are supported for Dash Display PGN, DM1 and DM2 logs (H7 requires option M4 software 2.03.0 or higher).
  • EIC: Cummins: Shutdown override signal available.
  • EIC: Coolant level alarms (2 levels) implemented in menu 7670+7680.


  • EIC: Support of 19bit SPN numbers in DM1 and DM2 logs.
  • EIC: Occurrence counter available in DM1 and DM2 logs.
  • EIC: Engine hours available available up to 838000hours in display readout.
  • EIC: When changing nominal frequency, a ramp function will be performed.


  • Ethernet connection performance improved.
  • Display response performance improved.
  • Corrected issue when downloading usw file with multinput set as 4-20mA.
  • Corrected error in jump menu / added text for unavailable jump menues.
  • Corrected readout of some Cummins texts (option H6).
  • External trip alarm is now shown even if GB Open failure is active.
  • Deload is now cancelled if controller mode is changed to SWBD mode during deload.



  • Handling of 7520 ‘Ext. comm. error’ corrected.
  • LOCAL or REMOTE state stored at power down.



  • Fixed problem with negative regulation spike after synchronisation



  • kvarh counter view added to the display
  • Ensured Inhibit handling is backwards compatible with old parameter files
  • Power factor is now supported, when kW is above approx 6,5MW.
  • The Remote & Local function was swapped, when controlled by inputs or M-logic
  • Voltage readout updated to one more digit



  • Parameter 1560 “Neg. seq select” made independent of parameter 1590 “Zero seq select”



  • External communication ctrl. handling has been updated. New M-logic command "Ext. com. ctrl. enable" added
  • Parameter 2000 Static sync can be enabled via USW
  • Modbus command Deload is made independent of digital input
  • Command Start sync./ctrl. via M-logic updated
  • Text for Input/output now updated via N-option
  • Modbus protocol optimised
  • Parameter 1560 “Neg. seq select” and parameter 1590 “Zero seq select” improved



  • Parameter 2573 and 2693 could not be changed via USW
  • Service timers are disabled when option M4 is not present
  • Enable box is removed from USW for parameter 6101, 6102 and 6103 
  • H5 and H7 updated regarding Iveco vector 8



  • Breaker not always tripped when volt/Freq not ok.
  • Output status for breaker relays shown in USW.
  • Data for scaling of BB nominal voltage send to USW.
  • GB trip alarm improved for GPU/GPU Hydro without option G2.
  • Possibility of setting alarm relays as normally energized added.



  • Corrected modbus registers to follow documentation



  • Fail Class safty stop implemented for PPU/GPC
  • Df/dt improvements regarding interharmonic ripples
  • Vector jump parameter type implemented 
  • Modbus protocol updated with status for virtual events
  • Reset analogue output implemented in M-logic
  • Settings 2730 (gov mode undefined) and 2750 (AVR mode undefined) available via usw 
  • Power factor calculation improved
  • GB OFF handling improved
  • H5 option is available for units without M4 option
  • Modbus protocol status information updated



  • Default setting of relay AVR & GOV relay now depends on installed options
  • Inverse time dependent overcurrent custom curve setup improved
  • Auto battery test reimplementation for better performance
  • The utility software now supports the Scaling feature
  • The deload input is no longer need to use Start/Sync
  • Parameter 2501 is now set to default at first boot only
  • The underspeed alarm is made user configurable
  • Relay 17 is now available to GPU with out G2
  • The service timer alarm now depends on M4
  • Running hours counter max setting reduced to 99 thousand hours
  • M-logic command Inhibit GB Close corrected
  • The menu and alarm “Not in remote” is now available with M4 or G2
  • The input function “Ack all alarms” can now be used when a display is not connected



  • Synchronization vector mismatch alarm implemented
  • Supply line diode compensation feature implemented
  • Horn relay added as M-logic output
  • Sync type made available in M-logic as input and output
  • External set point now available for fixed power regulation
  • GB trip due to external action can now be used as an input in M-logic
  • Over and under speed protections added to M-logic
  • Auto battery test improved
  • Cool down can now be interrupted by a block alarm
  • Relay outputs and failclasses has been added to NEL groups
  • GB position failure now depends on G2 for GPU
  • EF4 and 5 will no longer be active at the same time
  • Default input functions changed
  • Mains menu now depends on G2
  • Acknowledgement of underspeed alarm is now possible in all circumstances
  • GSM support made conditional of H9
  • Shutdown override added to M-logic
  • Service timer functionality optimised



  • Initial release

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