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IOM5∙1 is a highly flexible 40 channel I/O module which features the most commonly used I/O signals in wind power plants. The module is designed for the rough environment in a wind turbine and all inputs and outputs are protected by optical insulation from other potentials.

The IOM5∙1 is equipped with its own processor module, ensuring fast sampling directly on the module and embeds all application-related measurements and scaling. In this way, all measurements are located as a direct part of the process image, thus saving the application time to convert and calculate standard measurements such as rotational speed or acceleration.

  • 6 × temperature Pt100/1000 with 2, 3 or 4 wire connection
  • 4 × analogue input, -20…20 mA/-10 V…10 V, resolution 16 bit, accuracy to 0.5%
  • 4 × analogue output, -20…20 mA with configurable ramp time, resolution 12 bit, accuracy to 0.5%
  • 12(16) × digital input, impedance approx. 2.4 kΩ
  • 4(0) × frequency input, range 0…125 kHz, Rotational variables: (time period, acceleration, angle, etc.)
  • 10 × digital output, external supply 9…36 V, output current 0…2 A sink or source (max. 2 A for all output), current limitation for short-circuit or thermal overload

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