Sneak preview of the new AGC 300

DEIF is showcasing the future of its AGC range, in the form of the AGC 300, at this week’s Middle East Energy exhibition in Dubai. This new controller is meant for the synchronisation and power management of multiple generators and will be able to deliver the most flexible applications, with or without using an external PLC.

The AGC 300 redefines the standard for flexible hardware by providing rack-mounted measurement and I/O boards. With the whole system working with EtherCat protocol, several racks may also be connected to provide the ultimate control solution. The highly versatile software may be complemented by a full-fledged CODESYS PLC running inside the same hardware, enabling users and system designers to go further than ever before.

This platform has been purpose-designed to be handled by customers, so replacing boards and upgrading controllers in the field has never been so easy. 

With a reputation to be always best-in-class, DEIF designed the AGC 300 to deliver highly accurate AC measurements in unprecedented operating temperature ranges.

Platform-enable cybersecurity allows a whole new level of connectivity for a power generation controller because a connected world deserves a connected controller.