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AGC 150

The AGC 150 controllers offer you a world of flexibility, enabling you to design power and control applications of your needs.


Our SGC series is a range of high-quality single-set generator controllers. Easy to configure, install and operate makes it an obvious choice for standby and prime power applications.

Properly optimised power generation equipment delivers the power you need with the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions, and it has a longer service life. With a dedicated, intelligent controller such as the AGC 150 or SGC series from DEIF, you can make the most of your engines, gensets, or other equipment in any application on land or at sea.

At DEIF, we have decades of experience in the land, marine, and wind power markets, and we use that experience to offer you a wide selection of advanced but user-friendly control solutions. In addition, we offer value-added help and support that assists you in reaching your business objectives in a safe, secure, and efficient way.

Read more about our flexible AGC 150 controller series for a wide range of power and engine control applications and our reliable and cost-effective SGC genset controller series – and contact us for more information or an informal chat about your requirements and options.

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